Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Been waaayyy too long!

Well, I guess I've neglected the ol' blog for almost a year now! A LOT has happened since the last post. Most of you that will read this know already but I'm PREGNANT! I'm 32 weeks pregnant in fact so it's pretty much old news by now. Being pregnant has been an amazing experience for me. I have loved it. Knock on wood, I haven't experienced any morning sickness or nausea or anything of the sorts. The first trimester I was EXTREMELY tired but other than that I was just thankful to be pregnant! Second trimester was great! I had a surge of energy around week 14 and that stayed until around week 28. I'm still not feeling as tired as I was in the first trimester but the tiredness is coming back! I was able to go to 7 out of 11 AR football games this season! Jarred ordered me a seatback b/c I've had some back pain and that was WELL worth the money. I couldn't have made it through the games without it. Luckily, Arkansas had a great season this year so it was fun going to all the games. We even traveled to Nashville to see the Hogs play at Vanderbilt with my family.

Jarred and I have attended 3 prenatal classes so far (Birthing/Hospital Tour, Infant CPR & Safety, & Breastfeeding) and we have our last class tonight (Newborn Care). I guess once we finish class tonight we'll be "officially" ready to be parents! :) The classes have been great for both of us. We have really learned a lot and since I haven't read ANY books I feel lots more informed than before and actually more at ease about the whole labor/delivery process! I'm getting to a point where I'm READY to meet this little girl- not so much as nervous about the labor as I am excited to be a mommy!! She does have a name too- Callie Marie Crow.

We have 2 baby showers this weekend (one from my work and one from my church) and I'm so excited! So far we have a glider (from my Mimi), a crib, and a dresser! My mom and brother painted the nursery purple (light purple) and green and mom made a curtain for the window. Other than that we're just waiting to see what we get at the shower's and we'll fill in the rest of what we need afterwards. My parents, Mimi, In-laws, 3 sister-n-laws, 3 nieces, and best friend from back home will all be coming to the showers this weekend. I am pumped to see everyone! Callie is so blessed to have such an amazing family surrounding her! She's been prayed about for a long time now and we're all excited to meet her.

There's just a little update on life as we know it these days. Callie's a mover- she's kicking me all the time but I honestly love it. We'll be meeting her soon and I'm sure I'll have more to say once she gets here. Thank you to everyone for your prayers for our family, they have not been forgotten!



annie said...

love reading updates from you! :) we sent our gift (and our wishes for baby Callie) with your parents for this weekend. so wish we could be there to celebrate with you! i know you are going to have so much fun!!

Carissa said...

So happy to read the update and hear that the entire experience has been a joy from start to finish!