Monday, May 12, 2008

It's Been A While...

Well, I feel kind of awkward having this blog w/ no kids and really hardly any pictures of us!! But, oh well, maybe some of you are still interested in hearing what all we have going on in our life! This past weekend my brother, Michael, graduated from Harding!! I just wanted to give him a little shot out and tell him how proud I am of him. He's in the process of trying to find a job now and he's got some different possibilities...I just want him to know that we're praying for him and thinking of him often. I know he's going to find what the Lord has in store for him and I know he will succeed at whatever it is that he decides to do. So, Michael, way to go...we love you more than you know!!

Also, my other brother Jay, has just finished his sophomore year at Harding and will be starting his last semester at Harding in the Fall. He's there on a soccer scholoarship so he'll stay one last semester for Soccer then transfer to UALR (we think). Harding doesn't offer his degree (Construction Management) so he'll be transferring for that. I didn't want to leave Jay out of this post so I want him to know that we are equally as proud of him. He's going to be staying in Searcy this summer (poor mom...) and working full time w/ a Construction company out here in AR. He loves it and I'm just happy he's found something he really enjoys doing. Jay- good luck this Fall w/ your last Soccer season, we know you're going to do great!!! We love you and pray for you often as well!!!

I guess I can't post about brothers without including something about my brother-in-law, Jordan!! Once again, we're VERY proud of him as well. He graduated last December from Harding and is teaching in Cabot. He took over mid-school year for a lady who took leave for the entire semester. Like Michael, he's in the process of looking for jobs. We are praying for him to find something he'll truly enjoy. We both think he's a great teacher and does an excellent job w/ kids (we've seen him in action w/ his youth group- he's been the youth intern for the past 2 summers and will continue this summer as well). He's truly got a gift for working w/ the kids!! Good luck Jordy in your job search!!! We love you too!!!

Here are some pictures from Michael's graduation weekend!! Enjoy!
May graduation- CROWDED!!! December graduation- much better!

Mom & DadMichael & Kaitlin (above, this is his girlfriend- isn't she cute!!)
Jarred & I below...BAD picture!!

All the kids...Isn't Jarred looking cool in those shades??!
Mom, Dad, Grandma, Granddad, Michael, & Jay- Grandma & Granddad came in from Nashville!

Well, not that much has changed w/ the Crow's! We're currently really involved in working w/ a new class that's going to be starting up June 1st at church. We're one of a group of 10 leaders that will be heading up the new class. We are really excited about the start of something new. Our current class has over 100 people on the roster and we feel very strongly that by making the class smaller it will bring in more people and allow them to feel more comfortable coming in. Hopefully it will go well...there has been a lot of work put into this so it should!! Thursday night we're having a dinner w/ a couple we're hoping will join us in the class as a mentoring couple. They are older than us and have started their family so we know they will have lots of good advice for us. Pray that they will be interested in helping us...we're very excited about this possibility!!!

We're also still very involved w/ the Volleyball League at church, we are LOVING our Life Group, we have girls/guys nights most Mondays and that's been awesome!!, we still have both our dogs (aka our kids for now, well, at least MY kids for now, Jarred isn't as fond of them as I am), still in the same house, still not ready for real kids yet!!, counting down the days till we leave for Disney World w/ Jarred's family!!! It's coming up soon so I'll post more about that when we get back!!